Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Type of Friend


By: Paityne Hume and Claire Ivers

Are you struggling to figure out what to give the loved ones in your life? We’ve compiled a list of trendy and cute gifts for all the different types of friends you might have! These are mostly generally ideas and we encourage you to use them as inspiration or add on to them.


The Artsy One- This is for the friend that is constantly staring at their tablet, have permanent paint marks all over their hands, or are just creative in general. These gifts are sure to make their creating experience more enjoyable!

Uniquely Shaped Candle

Antique Picture Frame

Blue Light Glasses


Cute Notebook



The Music Lover- If they always have headphones on or post a different song on their story every day, this is for them! It is always nice to receive a new way to listen to music through because songs sound different on each one. Vinyl, CDs, or cassette tapes are always a great cheaper option for those who already have multiple ways to listen to music.


Spotify Song Code Bracelet


Cassette Player




Beats Solo Pro



The Athletic One- This is for the friend that is constantly in the gym, lives in athleisure and always carries their abnormally large water bottle to stay hydrated.

Weighted Wristbands


Alo Gift Card


Lululemon Headband


Celsius powder packets



The Fashionista- For the friend who never repeats an outfit, stalks Devon Lee Carlson and Bella Hadid on Instagram, and dreams of designing clothes. These are all super cute accessories that will add a pop of color to any outfit!

Frasier Sterling Custom Pearl Necklace

Emi Jay Rhinestone Claw Hair Clip

Lisa Says Gah Socks

Wildflower Phone Case

Gimaguas Pink Market Bag



The Bookworm-  Not sure what to get the person who prefers books over movies? Any of these items would be a perfect fit for that person!

Audible Subscription



Book Light


Floating Bookshelf



The Beauty Obsessed- Do you know someone who is always refreshing sephora website looking for their next purchase, or somehow looks perfect all the time? Any of these gifts would be the perfect purchase to extend their self-care stash.

Dior Lip Oil


Facial Brush


Sephora Perfume Sampler


Rare Beauty Gift Set


Gua Sha


We hope you liked these ideas and found one to use for someone special! Happy Shopping!