Check out the best ways to relieve your stress as the school year comes to an end and excitement for summer picks up! (Photo by: Zoey Jares)
Check out the best ways to relieve your stress as the school year comes to an end and excitement for summer picks up!

Photo by: Zoey Jares

5 Ways to Decompress Before Summer

May 9, 2022

As the final days of school wind down, school stress continues to rev up. Approaching the end of the school year tends to increase the pressure to succeed in school and that can be hard on students. If you’re finding yourself feeling this way the Timberline Paw Print has the best solutions for you! Through research and personal experience, we can share the best ways to decompress during difficult times. 


First of all, there are a number of things you should NOT try:


1- Whatever you do, avoid taking your stress out on your peers, parents, and teachers. They are all here to help you succeed and it won’t benefit you to lose their support. As pressure heightens the last thing you want to lose is your support system.


2- Don’t neglect your body’s needs. To function at your highest efficiency you need ample sleep, water, and food. It is important to take time to study but the quality of your health will affect your ability to release your stress and relax. 


3- Avoid distracting yourself by creating bad habits too. That can include things like increased sleep, getting distracted in class, or stress could even lead to substance use. All of those things won’t help your situation in the long run and won’t be fun habits to break. It is important to stay on track and focus on what’s best for you.


Some things you can try to release your stress are:

Try re-setting your mind with some meditation! You learn and remember things best when you’re calm.



1 – Meditation

This is not the most common thing to do in times of stress but according to the Mayo Clinic, “Meditation, which is the practice of focused concentration, bringing yourself back to the moment over and over again actually addresses stress, whether positive or negative.” Meditation can mean anything from a few minutes of mindful breathing to an hour of relaxing in peace. Either way, it will help you tremendously during a test or any other stressful situation.





Exercise is one of the best ways to help you relax, go find a way to let your energy and built-up stress out!


2 – Exercise

Getting your heart rate up can be beneficial to your health and clear your mind at the same time. Harvard Health says that “Exercise reduces stress hormones and stimulates production of endorphins, which together help foster relaxation.” Anything from a quick walk to a workout in the gym can count as exercise too!







Helping the Earth is a great way to relax so try spending time outside next time you’re stressed!


3 – Get Outside

It sounds silly but getting outside can be very beneficial to your physical and mental health. Breathing fresh air and being in the sun can relieve your stress and help you relax. says that “Studies have shown being outdoors lowered levels of cortisol, a hormone that’s a marker for stress.” Try to get outside if you’re feeling stressed, take a walk, lay in the sun, or even study for your tests outside!








Make sure to stay connected with your peers, communication is important and sometimes all you need is a friend to listen!

4 – Communicate

Everyone experiences stress at the end of the school year, and we can all relate to each other. Sometimes it’s helpful to share how you feel and connect with others. So, if you’re feeling very stressed chances are, your peers are too. Reach out to your friends and check on them too!

5 – Disconnect

In stressful times, its okay to completely disconnect from the online world. Phones don’t help much with stress or time management so take a chance and try putting your phone down when you’re stressed. Instead of looking at your phone you could do any of the suggestions above as well as studying or simply taking a nap.





Don’t give up just because you’re stress is heightened, we’re almost to the end of the year. You got this Wolves!

These are only a few ways to relieve stress and with a little research, you can find many more ideas! Each one will help you tremendously and before you know it, summer will be here. Be sure to check out our new story of summer activity ideas to try too!

As the year comes to an end don’t forget that you’re not alone. Every teacher and student is stressed right now, so taking it out on each other won’t help. There are many simple ways to relieve your stress and they will make testing and studying so much easier. Testing seems to last forever, but before you know it the year will be over and you’ll be off to summer break. Good luck Wolves, and have an amazing summer!

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