Breaking News: Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ Has Passed Away


Photo by: Julian Calder for Governor-General of New Zealand -Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Queen Elizabeth’s portrait for her Diamond Jubilee in 2012

By: Cara Halford, Writer

At her Balmoral estate in Scotland, surrounded by the royal family, Queen Elizabeth died peacefully at the age of 96.

Photo by: Unknown photographer for Government of Canada-Creative Commons Attribution 2.0
Queen Elizabeth’s official portrait taken in 1959 before an upcoming royal tour

As the longest reigning monarch in British history, the Queen’s death marks a pivotal moment in world history.

The Queen’s 70 years of rule, starting in 1952, was marked by extreme societal shifts and often controversy as the world staggered out of World War 2. But through it all the Queen stood tall as a symbol of grace, dignity, and quiet strength.

Former Prince Charles of Wales has now ascended the throne as King Charles Ⅲ. The new head of state for the United Kingdom and 14 Commonwealths, will step into a role that has become synonymous with Queen Elizabeth’s reign. The world mourns and waits as the Crown is passed down to another generation. 

*Another story is coming soon about the Queen’s life and history