Reviewing the song “Me and your Mama”


Picture credits: Glassnote

By: Noah Danielson, Writer

“Me and your Mama” written and produced by the 39 year old actor, comedian, and artist Donald Glover otherwise known as Childish Gambino is a song in Glover’s third studio album,” Awaken my Love”. This album is Glover’s take on Hip hop meets soul music meets r&b (rhythm and blues) music and this song is a great example of that. This song is Glover’s attempt to show what falling in love feels like.

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino


This song starts with a quiet but captivating melody. It has a sparkling galaxy-like melody with bells acting as the stars sparkling all around you. Glover also pairs it with a calm psychedelic, smooth, legato sound that makes it great for easy listening or meditation. It is layered with choir-like vocals that hit you with a marcato type of sound. In this part of the song the theme of love is calm,smooth and dream-like.

James Webb Space Telescope zoomed in on the galaxy

This all ends around the 2:00 minute mark when it suddenly explodes from its trance-like calmness, as you descend into madness. This part of the song is extremely intense and passionate. You hear the same marcato type of drum beat that hits you but this time it is layered with a distorted electric guitar and distorted vocals with the powerful fortissimo choir that screams, “ LET ME INTO YOUR HEART”. You also hear Glover’s frantic cries begging his love interest to open up her heart and let him in. His first cry is him knowing it’s over because he says, “ You know that, I love you”. But later he screams, “ Ima get you girl!” Once again he cries, “ This is the end of us”. He contradicts himself this whole time and it’s clear that Glover is in complete love with this person and struggling to decide on the next steps for their relationship As the song progresses you hear a new melody that lets you know that the storm is almost over with the vibrato of the sound waves becoming increasingly more apparent. Here,  Gambino gets even more desperate saying, “ Girl you really got a hold on me, so this isn’t just puppy love.” 

After the storm, comes the calm and you distinctly hear the fortepiano here. The song finds itself back to its original state but with different instrumentation and a snare drum fading out slower and slower and quieter and quieter otherwise known as morendo.

Donald Glover is an extremely gifted individual and “Me and your Mama” is definitely evidence of  that. I have listened to it a million times and it has never gotten old and I definitely think you should give it a listen. 

Photo Credits: Ike Aka