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Harvest - Speedpaint

“Harvest” – Speedpaint

By: Suno "Sun" Le, Illustrator March 16, 2023

Hello there! I am Suno "Sun" Le, and I'm here to bring my artistic abilities to this crew. For my first act, I will be showing you a speed painting of my character, Harvester, who will be appearing in...

Zoey Jares is grateful for Dillan O’Shea!

End Of Semester Recap

By: Dillan O'shea, Video Creator January 10, 2023

Here is a little recap of my first semester! Follow Dillan through all of the shenanigans. Check it out by clicking below.   CLICK HERE!

2022 School Wide Spotify Wrapped

2022 School Wide Spotify Wrapped

By: Ryan Reifschneider, Writer January 7, 2023

Hey Timberline! This year is wrapping up, and with it Shopify has released its iconic Spotify Wrapped. To celebrate, we asked YOU to submit your top songs, artists, and genres from this year. So here are...

Stumble Guys Logo

Ranking Every “Stumble Guys” Map

By: Ryan Finke, Noah Danielson, and Ian Kahler December 13, 2022

Hey Wolves, today we will be ranking maps from the popular game Stumble Guys. This knock-off game of Fall Guys is available on IOS, Android, Google play store, and Steam. This game is a lot of fun to play...

An Alien Invasion in the Timberline Cafeteria


By: Ryan Finke, Writer October 27, 2022

We all know that Timberline has been INFESTED with aliens for a long time now. But some of you simple-minded fools just can’t quite process this. Even though I shouldn’t have to inform you about the...

This image took first place in the digital category at the Colorado State Fair.

Artwork Made by Artificial Intelligence: The Future or a Step Back?

By: Ryan Finke, Writer October 27, 2022

Recently, new artificial intelligence software has been trending. This AI software creates art from a phrase you type into its search engine. It scans the web for images related to words or phrases and...

The Immortal Jellyfish

The Immortal Jellyfish

By: Hailey Adamson, Writer/Artist September 9, 2022

This is the Turritopsis dohrnii or more commonly known as, The immortal Jellyfish. It can reverse it´s aging cycle and go back to its adolescent stages.

3. A parking lot spot beautifully depicting the phases of the moon.

Paint to Pavement: Senior Parking Spots

By: Ally Metzler, Staff Writer/Photographer/Social Media Manager September 6, 2022

The 2022-2023 school year at Timberline has brought in new sophomores, new teachers and new energy, but it also brings a new tradition; individual senior parking spots! An idea brought up by the Student...

10 Things The Newspaper Staff Cant Live Without

10 Things The Newspaper Staff Can’t Live Without

By: Ally Metzler and Claire Ivers May 3, 2022

Check out this video made by Ally Metzler and Claire Ivers, a parody on the GQ Youtube videos displaying "10 things the Newspaper Staff Can't Live Without."

Fun Stuff

Fun Stuff

By: Joseph Lopez, Staff Reporter/ Artist April 8, 2022

This is where you can find a new activity every week! Some of our activities may include, jokes, crosswords, word scrambles, word searches and more. We will switch it up every week and have themes for...

Asking Students Their Favorite Olympic Event  (Video)

Asking Students Their Favorite Olympic Event (Video)

By: Claire Ivers, Staff Reporter February 14, 2022

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