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The Royal Standard and Imperial Crown atop Queen Elizabeths coffin

The End of An Era

By: Cara Halford, Staff Reporter September 22, 2022

 In 1952, 25 year old Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ ascended to the British throne marking the sixth time in Britain’s history a female would be ruler. But, Elizabeth was never supposed to sit upon the throne...

The Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

The Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

By: Jisong Ryu, Staff Reporter September 21, 2022

In the mid 1900s, college tuition in the United States was generally affordable for middle-income families, but scholarship aid from colleges, state governments, or federal programs were limited, and provided...

A cabin in central Idaho sits uncomfortably close to a raging wildfire.

Late Fire Season is Heating Things Up

By: Annabel Lawrence, Staff Reporter/Sports/Investigative September 20, 2022

As of September 11, 2022, the state of Idaho leads the nation in the number of large wildfires currently burning. Sitting at a whopping 33 fires and around 250,000 acres burned, smoke and haze has blanketed...

Boise School District Offices preparing for the new school year

An Election for the Books

By: Cara Halford, Staff Reporter September 16, 2022

At 1:40 A.M. on September 7th, Boise School District parents and students received an email with the results of the historic 2022 Boise School Board election.  Incumbents Beth Oppenheimer, Andy...

Queen Elizabeth celebrating her historic Jubilee reign

Breaking News: Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ Has Passed Away

By: Cara Halford, Staff Reporter September 8, 2022

At her Balmoral estate in Scotland, surrounded by the royal family, Queen Elizabeth died peacefully at the age of 96. As the longest reigning monarch in British history, the Queen’s death marks a pivotal...

Evening at the Western Idaho Fair

When Fear Interrupts Fun: The Western Idaho Fair Shooting

By: Jisong Ryu, Staff Reporter September 8, 2022

The Western Idaho Fair is one of the most popular amusement spots in Boise, with thousands of visitors annually flooding through the gates at the end of summer. Full of exhilarating rides, mouthwatering...

Balloons Lift Off at Ann Morrison

Boise Skies Fill With Balloons

By: Cara Halford, Staff Reporter September 2, 2022

Over the upcoming Labor day weekend, many Boisians plan to escape the sweltering heat, but those who stay are in for a treat at the 31st Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. The annual classic, originally...

Protesters huddle outside the Idaho state capitol during the Bans off our Bodies march on Saturday, May 14.

Roe v. Wade: What does it all mean?

By: Annabel Lawrence, Staff Reporter/Sports/Investigative May 18, 2022

Late Monday, May 2, 2022, the Virginian media company Politico leaked a 98-page draft opinion written by Samuel Alito, the associate justice of the Supreme Court. But this wasn’t just any mundane Supreme...

A Vanity Fair First Look shows Daisy Edgar-Jones as Kya and Taylor John Smith as Tate Walker in the movie adaptation of Where the Crawdads Sing.

Idaho Author in Hot Water Ahead of Movie Adaptation Release

By: Annabel Lawrence, Staff Reporter/Sports/Investigative May 3, 2022

In August of 2018, Delia Owens’ (an author currently residing in Boundary County, Idaho) debut novel Where the Crawdads Sing instantly gained worldwide attention and adoration. As of April 2022, the...

Nicole Kidman dramatically reacts to something on the Oscars stage.

When Drama Overshadows Accomplishments: The 2022 Oscars

By: Paityne Hume, Staff Reporter/ Global News March 29, 2022

The 2022 Oscars were this last week on March 27 and no doubt the most viral and talked about moment from it was when Will Smith walked on stage and punched Chris Rock. This was after Chris Rock had made...

A horologist in New Jersey cleans clocks before adding an hour to account for daylight savings time.

Permanent Daylight Savings: Has the Time Come to Stop the Clock?

By: Annabel Lawrence, Staff Reporter/Sports/Investigative March 18, 2022

Every year, twice a year, we are forced to turn our alarm clocks this way and that in order to account for the change between daylight savings and standard time. Having to consider  the change is a draining...

Timberline High School; Where Everythings Possible

Timberline High School; Where Everything’s Possible

By: Ally Metzler, Staff Writer/Photographer/Social Media Manager March 15, 2022

Timberline High School’s student body does nothing but excel. Across the board, we have students that continue to embody the work, determination and success that our wolfpack defines. Here are what some...

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