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The TikTok app downloaded on a citizens phone

TikTok in Turmoil

By: Cara Halford, Writer March 14, 2023

Viral dances, catchy songs, ever changing trends. These are all things associated with TikTok, the app that has taken over the world. But recently a surprising new phrase has been brought into the mix:...

Boisians gather outside the capitol in March to show their support for Ukraine

One Year Later: The War in Ukraine

By: Cara Halford, Writer February 24, 2023

In the dawn hours of February 24th, 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine in a military barrage that triggered the largest European conflict since World War Ⅱ. One year later the war continues to grind on, leaving...

At the Boise capitol building, flowers are placed next to the photos of those killed in the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas

Mass Shootings in 2022: What Does It All Mean?

By: Cara Halford and Jisong Ryu December 19, 2022

As another year draws to a close, Americans mourn those killed in the 611 mass shootings in 2022, marking the second-worst year for gun violence in eight years. But mass shootings are nothing new in America,...

Feline Like Volunteering?

Feline Like Volunteering?

By: Lily Elgart, Writer December 19, 2022

Sometimes, it feels as though there are not enough people to help towards a cause you really care about. It’s easy to discount others for “not doing enough,” or not “doing their part.” While...

Youth climate activists organize at a rally advocating for Idaho solar power

Youth Are Changing the Political Landscape

By: Jisong Ryu, Writer December 15, 2022

These past years have been characterized with monumental events: the COVID-19 pandemic, resurgence of the BLM movement in 2020, the January 6th Capitol riot, and overturning Roe v. Wade in June 2022. While...

Stumble Guys Logo

Ranking Every “Stumble Guys” Map

By: Ryan Finke, Noah Danielson, and Ian Kahler December 13, 2022

Hey Wolves, today we will be ranking maps from the popular game Stumble Guys. This knock-off game of Fall Guys is available on IOS, Android, Google play store, and Steam. This game is a lot of fun to play...

The Administrative Building at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. 9

Idaho Grieves Murders of Four University of Idaho Students

By: Annabel Lawrence, Staff Reporter/Sports/Investigative November 28, 2022

Four students at the University of Idaho were found dead in their apartment over two weeks ago on the morning of Nov. 13, considered to be victims of an apparent homicide. Police were made aware of an...

We are all grateful for Sources of Strength and the gratitude week they put together!

What Are YOU Grateful For?

By: Zoey Jares and Lily Elgart November 17, 2022

Hey Wolves! As we wrap up the year with the holidays we decided to spotlight some gratitude around the school! Enjoy this slideshow of Timberline staff and students showing us what they are grateful for...

A colonial house on Warm Springs holding historic qualities that do not go unnoticed, and unloved.

Warm Springs Avenue: Unifying Charm and Renewable Energy

By: Ally Metzler, Staff Writer/Photographer/Social Media Manager November 15, 2022

Warm Springs Avenue has been a part of Boise since 1870. Named after the Kelly Hot Springs that the original street’s dirt road led to, the avenue has been an integral part of Boise’s history and continues...

Latter Day Saints temple in the headquarters of Salt Lake City, Utah

Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey vs The LDS Church

By: Cara Halford, Writer November 9, 2022

A group of young women clad in pastel dresses and elaborate french braids stare adoringly up at a picture of a single man: Warren Jeffs. This haunting picture is one of the cover images for the...

Photo by: Pizza Pie Cafe on Google

The Last Day of Pizza Pie Cafe

By: Eric Olbera, Writer November 8, 2022

A local business, Pizza Pie Cafe on Broadway Avenue, with a history of seven and half years in the Treasure Valley has recently closed, and along it came the recollections of fun memories at the establishment...

An Alien Invasion in the Timberline Cafeteria


By: Ryan Finke, Writer October 27, 2022

We all know that Timberline has been INFESTED with aliens for a long time now. But some of you simple-minded fools just can’t quite process this. Even though I shouldn’t have to inform you about the...

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