An Insider Look at Mr.Logsdon: Who’s In Room 132


By: Nicole Hill, Writer

When walking in the hallway you pass so many classrooms, each with a different teacher with different lives and personalities, but a lot of these teachers you will never have for a class. Some of the teachers that you are in a building with for five days a week, nine months a year for three years you will never know. Mr. Logsdon may be one of those teachers for you, so why don’t we get to know him a bit?

Mr. Logdson is a tenth grade English and an American sign language teacher. He has been teaching for a total of 36 years and knew from the very beginning that teaching was what he wanted to do. Well, after he figured out he couldn’t be a professional NBA or MLB player that is. Logdson describes teaching as his “ passion” and says that he prefers to think of the difficult parts of his job as “challenging over hard.” He says that some of these challenges are “learning and keeping up with the technology trends and skills. Also, having a clue to what music kids listen to today.” Logdson has an affinity for the color blue due to the Chicago Cubs and our very own Timberline school color. He also enjoys dad jokes that he would describe as “awkward” but many others would describe as a nice break from long Shakespeare playwrights. Baseball, basketball and football are also on the top of Logsdons favorite things which is something that he shares with his children.

 Overall though, the two things he enjoys most is spending time outdoors with his wife, whom he loves very much, and his two very considerate sons who “always say their please and thank yous”, and of course,  teaching. When asked about his favorite part of the job he responded: “Every moment that I get to work with students and they share their understanding, love of learning, or (when they) thank me for caring about them,” said Logsdon. 

A lucky few may have or had Mr.Logsdon as a teacher and experience his lovably corny sense of humor first hand, but now everyone can get to know him a bit better. If you happen to see Mr.Lodgson in the hallway give him a small smile, wave or say hi to that goofball with a passion for teaching.