Meet The Staff


Photo by: Photo by: Stephanie Jones

This is the staff of the Timberline Paw Print!

By: Zoey Jares, Staff Reporter/ Advice

     Hey Wolves, welcome to your new digital newspaper! The Timberline Paw Print is here to share current, unbiased news with all Timberline students! We work hard to help our fellow wolves stay in the loop and keep updated on what’s happening on campus. Formerly we used print to share our news but this year we have a new platform and name! You can always access the most current edition of the new Timberline Paw Print online to read pieces from any of our staff.

If you would like to take newspaper at some point please let us know in the form at the bottom of the page!”

Zoey- Zoey’s job for the Timberline Paw Print is to write opinion and advice columns. This type of work may consist of sharing helpful tips and information from others or even just sharing an opinion on a topic.

Hi! My name is Zoey Jares and I am a staff reporter for the Timberline Pawprint. I write advice for students because I like helping others out and sharing my opinion. I am a sophomore here at Timberline and I play in band and on the basketball team. I am looking forward to this school year and I am very excited to write for Timberline’s newspaper, go Wolfpack!” – Zoey Jares

Zoey Jares

Claire- Claire’s job for the Timberline Paw Print is to report on global news. This job requires that you use multiple unbiased sources so you can share the world’s news with students. 

Hi, I’m Claire Ivers, a Junior at Timberline High School. I Think it is so important to  keep updated on what is happening in the world around us, so I love doing news pieces the most! I am a runner and a part of Timberline’s Cross Country and track team.” – Claire Ivers

Claire Ivers

Ally- Ally’s job for the Timberline Paw Print is to vlog and take photos. She spends time at a lot of school events to make sure everyone gets the scoop on what is happening. She does interviews with players, coaches, and staff as well as takes pictures and videos for us.

“HEY WOLVES!!! First of all, welcome to The Timberline Paw Print. It’s a pretty cool website isn’t it? Let me introduce myself… My name is Ally Metzler. I’m a sophomore at this very school. A writer, designer and photographer for this newspaper website and most importantly, a Timberline Wolf. I like to write about all sorts of fun, important, local and school-wide topics, so make sure you check some of my pieces out! I also take photographs of some of our very own Wolves!!! Some things I enjoy outside of this are playing sports, constantly listening to music, finding unique items from thrift stores and hanging out with the people I love most. Enough about me, go on and explore the wonders of the website my staff and I worked so hard on to create.” -Ally Metzler

Ally Metzler

Annabel- Annabel’s job is to report on sports. This job requires attendance at sports events so you can take notes and get pictures of what is happening. At school events we are given press badges so we can have full access and be up close to the game. This allows a great view of all the action and creates a fun experience for writing an article.

Hi! I’m Annabel Lawrence, a Staff reporter for the Timberline Paw Print. I’m a tenth grader here at Timberline High School, and I play volleyball for the school as well. In my free time I love to read, but my favorite thing to do is to travel. It is such an amazing opportunity to be here at the Paw Print, and I can’t wait for the year to come!” -Annabel Lawrence

Annabel Lawrence

Jojo- Jojo’s job for the Paw Print is to create art. His job requires him to spend time creating images and cartoons for our paper. Another job he has for the Timberline Paw Print is to make fun activities for students, some activities you will find consist of: themed crosswords, mad libs, and word scrambles.

Hey, I’m Joseph Lopez or you may even know me as Jojo, I’m a staff reporter for the timberline newspaper.  I’m a Junior at Timberline High school. I’ll be drawing and putting up different comic strips and random pieces of art on the website. I like dad jokes because I have the humor of a toddler so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I’m super excited to share some of my stuff with you guys. Let’s have a great year Wolfpack!” -Jojo Lopez

Jojo Lopez

Paityne- Paityne is our critic and global news reporter. This job requires unbiased information to share with the rest of the school. She helps to let everyone in to their surroundings and helps make us aware of the world around us. However her other job requires an opinion, she gives her opinions and recommendations on all types of entertainment.

Hey everyone! I’m Paityne Hume and I’m a senior at Timberline Highschool and a writer/critic for the Timberline Pawprint. I enjoy consuming any type of media, including, but not limited to, music, movies, and books. My favorite movie of all time is The Shining. I like writing reviews and opinion pieces the most because I can recommend what I like and show my personality!:)” -Paityne Hume

Paityne Hume

Adviser- Our adviser for the Timberline Paw Print is the wonderful Mrs. Jones! She runs our newspaper and extensively helps all of us with our content. She is here to make sure our platform is professional, entertaining, and unbiased. 

Hello to all! I’m very excited to be starting my 3rd year as the Timberline Newspaper Adviser. This is my 12th year teaching High School English, and my 4th year at Timberline High School. I’m originally from Fresno, Ca. where I graduated with honors in 2009 with a dual major in Liberal Studies and Theatre Arts: Dance Emphasis. I hold an Idaho Certification for English and PE. I enjoy teaching Newspaper/Journalism and am happy to bring it back after a hectic COVID year. I also teach AP Language, Junior English, and I’m the Head Cheer Coach here at Timberline. I have been coaching cheerleading for 23 years. I ran an All-Star Cheer and Dance studio for 10 years, before I finished college and started teaching. (It was a family business and I started young, coaching various schools at 14). I believe my coaching experience has enhanced my teaching and helped me to relate to my students in an encouraging manner.

I have been married for 6 years to my husband, Andrew, and I’m the proud mother of 2 AMAZING little boys: Eli (4) and Toby (2). We will be expecting our third and final child in January- Tabitha. Of all the accomplishments in my life, I believe becoming a mother has been the greatest one. It has improved my level of empathy and compassion for my students and helped me to strengthen my teaching in the classroom.

I hope you enjoy all of the content our AMAZING News Staff has to offer. We are so excited to launch our new platform this year, as we bid farewell to our old printed platform of “TimberLines” and hello to the new digital “Timberline Paw Print”. We hope you all enjoy!” -Stephanie Jones

Adviser- Mrs. Stephanie Jones

Join our staff!- We are always looking for new recruits to join our team! If any of these jobs interest you and you would like to try them out you should consider joining Newspaper at semester or even next year. We want you on our team so if you are dedicated we will make sure things happen, we CAN find ways to work around your other classes. If you ever have any questions about newspaper feel free ask Mrs. Jones or one of the staff members! If you would possibly consider taking newspaper at some point please let us know on this FORM!