Starting the Year Off on the Right Note


We are so proud of the Timberline Choir, good job Wolves!

Video By: THS Video Broadcasting

By: Zoey Jares, Staff Reporter/Advice/Sports

Recently, the Timberline choir held their first concert of the school year and everyone watching was blown away! From the very first note in the dark auditorium, the performers gave the entire audience lasting chills. The fall concert started with the combined choirs circling the room where they sang a beautiful piece – and it sounded incredible. After the combined production, each choir group had their own appearance. The auditorium was almost completely filled with supporters of the Timberline choir programs, for both of their concerts and the choirs had every person’s attention for the entire performance. 


All four choir ensembles performed in the concerts, those include: Cantor Bel, Chantez!, Encore, and A Capella. Each choir sang two to three songs, some with solos and percussion, and every single one was breathtaking! 

The choir has put in lots of hard work to recover from a year off of normal school. During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic all music groups were forced to transfer to online learning, and although it sounds impossible, our choir learned to sing together over google meets. Obviously, the pandemic is not yet over but the choir quickly learned to adapt to the precautions, one of those being masks. This shows true talent and perseverance from this group because they continue to sound incredible through any challenge they face!


Our choir is most certainly overlooked at our school and they deserve some credit for all of the hard work they have put in this year! You can view their performance on this link and I highly encourage you to attend their next performance in winter! Our choir is undeniably talented and you won’t regret tuning in to their events.

Good job to all Timberline choirs and their wonderful director, Mr. Kane!