Getting Involved is Trending: Clubs and Activities Around Timberline


Photo by: Ryan Finke

Students gathering at a van for lunch.

By: Ryan Finke, Writer


Whether this is your last year at Timberline, or you just got here, joining clubs and participating in various activities is one of the best ways to get involved and meet new people with similar interests. However, it can be very hard to know what clubs are up to, and which one would be the best fit for you. 

So, I asked every single club advisor what their club does, why to join, and how. Here is my list of every timberline club and organization.


Rockhounding Club 

“The Rockhounding Club is for any rock, gem, fossil, or jewelry enthusiast.  The club ventures out into the Idaho wilderness on free field trips to collect rocks and minerals.  Students in the club leave the trips with rocks to display on a shelf or to polish into custom jewelry using the school’s equipment.  Meetings are announced periodically via the daily intercom announcements.” – Kameron Yeggy – Club Advisor


Climbing Club 

“The Climbing Club is for rock climbers of all skill and interest levels.  The club climbs together on a near weekly basis at local gyms and offers membership discounts to participants.  The Climbing Club meets every Monday at lunch in Room 214 to schedule their next events.” – Kameron Yeggy – Club Advisor


Science Bowl

“Science Bowl is a fast-paced trivia game where a team of students collaborate to answer questions about various science disciplines (physics, chemistry, Earth science, etc.).  The team competes every year in a regional competition and qualifiers win a free trip to Washington D.C.  Science Bowl meets in Room 214 every Thursday after school.” – Kameron Yeggy – Club Advisor


French Club 

“French Club aims to promote the study of French language and culture through social and service activities and is open to anyone with an interest in learning about the French language, francophone culture, and meeting new friends.  Typical activities may include tasting, experiencing cultural celebrations, crafts, music, watching French movies, playing French games, preparing French foods, and fund-raising for club, school, and community needs. We meet monthly in room 218.” – Susan Olsen – Club Advisor


Tree Club

“The Timberline TREE Club is Timberline’s Environmental/Outdoor Club. TREE stands for Teens Reconnecting with Earth Experiences and we do advocacy, education, and engagement just to name a few of the things we do.” – Erin Stutzman – Club Advisor

“The Timberline TREE Club doesn’t hug trees! TREE stands for Teens Reconnecting with Earth Experiences, and we focus on advocacy, education, and engagement. We’re a student-led club that’ll take on any environmental project you’re interested in.” – Cindy Lee – Club President



“Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.  Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) offers members the opportunity to expand their leadership potential and develop skills for life—planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision making, and interpersonal communication—all necessary within the home and workplace. Anyone can join, our fees are 12 dollars. We have upcoming leadership conferences, competitions and fundraiser events. Our club is going to divide into sections according to interests: Culinary Arts – for those who want to learn about cooking techniques and the food world, Fashion Design/Fiber arts- for those interested in fashion drawing, fashion and sustainability of materials, and the the original one where we are focusing on relationships, community service and making more amazing things happen at THS. See Mrs. Lee in Room 203 for details.” – Christy Lee – Club Advisor


Young Democrats Club

“The Young Democrats club is for students who want to be more politically involved at Timberline and in the Boise community! We do a lot of community service and activism by volunteering for different organizations and campaigns, following the legislative session and current events, and spreading awareness about various issues. Our club also has a lot of fun together by eating lots of snacks and watching politically themed movies and events like political debates (: If you are interested, come to our meetings every other Tuesday at lunch in Ms. Goddard’s room (221) and follow us on instagram @timberline.young.democrats.” Ani Rice – Club President


Dungeons and Dragons Club

“The D&D club is a place in which many wonderful nerds, artists, and writers get together and enjoy a brilliant game of Dungeons and Dragons. If you ever had a knack for storytelling or if you had ever taken an interest in the game, we highly recommend you to join! To join the club just let your presence be known a few days prior, and then join one of our meetings. ( Thurs 3:10 PM, in the library)” – Sun Le – Club President


Red Cross Club

“I’m Lana, the THS Red Cross club’s president. Our club was actually founded last year, and I co-founded it with Dana Hwang, who graduated this year from Timberline. Our purpose for this club was to spread the local Red Cross’s mission and to make people more engaged in the Red Cross and volunteer there to serve for our community. We also ran a blood drive last year collaborating with the student council.” – Lana Snow – Club President


Mountain Biking 

“Timberline MTB Team consists of 6th — 12th grade riders of all skill levels. Our season kicks off July 1 ending on October 8th at the State Championship race at Bogus Basin. We compete in a five-race series at venues across the state. Mountain Biking is a challenging sport that will increase your fitness. Mountain Biking is a lifetime sport that can be enjoyed well beyond high school. For more information, keep an eye out for our rider/parent meeting in April for the 2023 season.” – Dru Nakaya – Club Advisor


Key Club

“We are the preeminent international youth organization for service and leadership. Student members design and carry out service projects to benefit our school, community, and global causes! Students should join to boost their resumes, access scholarships, and improve the world! We meet on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month. During nice weather we meet outside by the Clocktower. When the weather is poor we meet in room 220.” – Tabitha Miller – Club Advisor


Volleyball Club

“THS Volleyball club was formed as a place for volleyball enthusiasts of all types.  If you, for whatever reason, have been unable to participate in the girls volleyball program in the fall, please join us in the spring. We will work on developing our skills and play against each other for a very fun time.  Girls AND Boys are welcome, we will be playing on men’s net height.  Stay tuned during the second semester for details about practices.” – Brian Burkhardt – Club Advisor


Fishing Club 

“Last year I was the advisor for the fishing club. We mainly shared fishing spots and organized a few outings in town. Anyone can join. The club was heavy with seniors last year, and I don’t have anyone that has stepped up to lead the club this year.” – Andrew Deloney – Club Advisor



As a previous member of DECA, I can say with 100 percent confidence that if you’re interested in business and marketing, you will love this club. DECA is pretty much a business roleplay, where you are given a made-up scenario, and you have to present your proposal to a judge. There are several competitions that you get to miss school for, and you can even go to places like Disneyworld! It’s a great time in an environment where you are surrounded by like-minded business students, and you gain lots of skills that you can’t get out of the classroom. Deete Huelse is the club advisor.


Fellowship of Christian Alliance

“FCA is a student-led club with the goal of creating a safe space for students to gather and grow in their faith and leadership skills. FCA meets every Wednesday at lunch in room 103.” – Laurie Roberts – Club Advisor


Skills USA

“SkillsUSA is a National Organization that stretches across the US, including US Territories.  Like the National organization, our local club here at THS focuses on leadership, community service, social events, fundraising, and competitions in the spring and summer. Most members are photography students, but we are open to new members looking for leadership opportunities, meeting new people, and helping our community.  We will have our first club meeting next week.” – Patricia Thorpe – Club Advisor


Math Cafe

  • “What it is: Tutoring for any math level M-F at lunch in room 207
  • Who can join: Anyone can come in for help. You must be in Pre-Calc or higher with a B average to become a tutor.
  • Why? Tutors get volunteer hours for Key Club, etc! Plus peer tutoring has proven to be beneficial both for those students that have questions and those that tutor by deepening understanding of concepts and boosting confidence with skills.” – Gretchen Hough – Club Advisor


Some clubs did not respond about what their club is, but I will try to provide as much information as possible. Thank you to all the students and staff that helped make this list possible. Make sure to pay attention to the announcements for more information! And remember, it’s never too late to get involved! If you know any information on these clubs, please email me at [email protected]


Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Club

Ambassador Program

Run by Kelly Gonser and Scott Warnock

Bug Club

Run by Annie Muniz

Chess Club

Run by Joe Wells


Run by Sean Kane

Color Guard

Run by Jose Rodriguez

Computer Science Club

Run by Heidi Pluska


Run by Dominic Molet


Run by Todd King

Fantasy Football Club

Run by Suvan Pilla – Student


Run by Kelly Gonser

Gay-Straight Alliance

Run by Richard Zuercher

Gub Club


Run by Michele Loftis

International Club

Run by Maura Goddard

Journey Mentorship Club

Run by Richard Zuercher

Letters For Rose

Run by Kelly Gonzer

Lunch Club

Run by Kalley Malone

Mock Trial

Run by Maura Goddard

Model UN

Run by Richard Zuercher

Music Club

Run by Jeremy Bronner

Quidditch Club

Run by Kameron Yeggy

Science Club

Run by Annie Muniz

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