The Timberline Softball and Baseball Wolves


By: Ally Metzler, Lead Photographer/Social Media Manager/Staff Reporter

Timberline Spring Sports have arrived! We have finally reached our last season of sports, which is bittersweet, but also filled with exciting events that are in store for our Timberline athletes. Today, we are spotlighting the Timberline Softball and Baseball teams that Timberline assembled for the 2022 spring season. Both sports have Varsity and Junior Varsity teams who have started their seasons off strong and intend to keep it that way. 

Timberline Varsity Baseball 

A picture displaying the Timberline Varsity Baseball team.

Timberline has been known as a school that excels, and baseball is no exception. Winners of 7 district championships and 8 State championships. The 2021 season was year the for Timberline Varsity Baseball, where they took the title of State champions as well as Academic champions. Although, 2022 is looking to be about the same way, with a record of 8-2, the Varsity Baseball team continuing to honor their pack. A little competition from Rocky Mountain and Skyview only make the wolves want to come out on top. 


Timberline Junior Varsity Baseball

A great shot of the Junior Varsity Timberline baseball team.

The Timberline Junior Varsity baseball team going 6-0 is something to be proud of. I see an undefeated record in the future for the JV team. An outstanding record is something not our to the ordinary for the wolves, as they went 16-5 in the 2021 season. Obviously, this team means business and we are excited to see where this season takes them. 


Timberline Varsity Softball 

Our very own Varsity softball team shining brightly.

Timberline Varsity Softball is an exceptional team. Not only do they work hard as a team but they also succeed as a team. The 2022 season for the Varsity team is looking great, with a total record of 9-2, I know the wolves are going to keep up all the good work throughout the rest of the season.

Timberline Junior Varsity Softball 

You’re 2022 Junior Varsity Timberline Softball team.

The Junior Varsity softball team is another example of an outstanding team Timberline produces. With a strong start, the JV wolves are also 10-1. With a destructive lineup, the team is prepared to do none other than crush there opponents. Way to go wolves!


To see your wolves in action make sure to catch their weekly games at the baseball and softball fields at Timberline! To see updated game scores for your Timberline Varsity Softball and Baseball teams, check the home page!