Live from Timberline: the Production of Shrek


Photo by: Amiah Heath

Lord Farquaad himself, shining so bright up on stage.

By: Ally Metzler, Staff Writer/Photographer/Social Media Manager

With summer right around the corner, it’s easy to count down the days of school waiting for that final bell. Luckily for us, the Timberline Choir and STEP Program added an extra spring to our step. Just this past week, these two departments worked together to produce an incredible play that was enjoyed throughout the entire student body. This beloved Shrek Play came to light when the students in Mr. Kane’s 3rd period music class developed a love for the movie Shrek when it was played for them. Aster Stucky, a student of Mr. Kane, was then in charge of making a condensed version of the play so that the students could make their big debuts on the stage. 

When it was performed, the play could not have been more celebrated. As I watched the production, a smile was brought to my face while I heard applause erupt from the audience and cheers bounce off the auditorium walls for the students that put on such an adored performance. One of the members of the crowd expressed their love for the play by saying, “All the actors did a really good job and it was super fun to watch. I liked the energy and excitement.” The hard work done by the students to produce this play was not unnoticed. Onstage, the students shone so brightly, they were superstars. One star of the show, who embodied the character Princess Fiona had this to say about being part of the play, “I like the play Shrek. I liked wearing the costume and being princess Fiona!”

Pullquote Photo

“I like the play Shrek. I liked wearing the costume and being princess Fiona!””

— Student

You killed it Fiona! Many other students in Mr. Kane’s 3rd period music class took part of the play, and did a fantastic job. Some of the characters included, Shrek, Lord Farquaad, Donkey, the Dragon, the Magic Mirror, Duloc Guards/Knights and Pinocchio. Every one of these students worked together and accomplished a show that will be rejoiced for years to come. I myself, am incredibly grateful for the Choir and STEP departments for bringing so much joy into my last few weeks of school. But as for the school, we are grateful for the students that put on a production we will eternally celebrate.