The Last Day of Pizza Pie Cafe

Pizza Pie Cafe closed their doors for the last time on October 29th.


Photo by: Pizza Pie Cafe on Google

By: Eric Olbera, Writer

Photo by: Pizza Pie Cafe Google

A local business, Pizza Pie Cafe on Broadway Avenue, with a history of seven and half years in the Treasure Valley has recently closed, and along it came the recollections of fun memories at the establishment as well as connections with staff members and crew.

One of the managers at the location, Enrique Lozano, who is also a Timberline High School Senior, described the night as being “disheartening because of all the memories created at the place.” Enrique, an employee of one and a half years, had started as a cashier when first hired. Because of the work environment being based on need, it wasn’t long until he also learned other positions such as dishes, oven, topper (putting ingredients on pie), and morning prepper. Eventually, in August of this year, he was promoted to manager. 

“We had a very laid back environment at the restaurant,” said Enrique, “All of the staff treated each other as family, and we got into work seriously when needed.” The operations of the restaurant were healthy, with a great flow of customers and work environment but other problems arose not necessarily in the establishment’s control. 

Employee hiring was a major issue, and the problem was apparent after Pizza Pie Cafe closed down mid-pandemic. When the doors were opened again, operating business prices as well as staffing levels changed significantly. Food and labor costs rose, and to combat this, the restaurant raised prices. Along with this, people didn’t want to work. Hiring new workers was difficult, because wage was a major concern for new employees. Pizza Pie Cafe offered $14.50 with tips, but job searchers were still not showing up for the interviews. After more financial strain and operation stress building up, the owners decided to close the restaurant for the final time on October 29th.

Photo by: 107.9 LITE FM
A favorite of many ‘The Cookie Dough Pizza’ from Pizza Pie Cafe.

“It definitely came as a big shock to me and a few other staff members. I had heard of the news a few months in advance from my brother who was also a manager,” said Enrique. The rest of the employees had received news of the closing on Monday the 24th, in concern over staff leaving. Final closure was announced on Pizza Pie Cafe Boise’s Facebook page. 

On October 29th, Pizza Pie Cafe had its final day being open for business to operate and customers to enjoy. “Everyone seemed sad about the closing and didn’t want to see it go,” said Enrique. One family in particular had a very emotional connection to the restaurant, because their young son had died prior to the closing. His favorite place to eat was at this Pizza Pie Cafe location, and the family visited the location on closing day to remember.

Although it was a sad day for many to see it go, Pizza Pie Cafe on Broadway will be remembered as a great place to spend time and eat food with families as well as a place to create memories to last.