Improving Our Wolfpack Pride


Photo by: Zoey Jares

By: Zoey Jares, Staff Reporter/Advice/Sports

     After a weird school year in 2020 it is especially important now that we all come together and create a close-knit community. The best way to get started on building our community is by showing our wolf-pack pride! Like myself, some of you may not be familiar with displaying school spirit but it is never too late to learn! Showing support for our school doesn’t need to be difficult so the Timberline Paw Print is here to help you move forward.

Step 1: Go to Timberline’s events outside of school – You can support our school by expressing love to our sports teams, music groups, and clubs. Showing appreciation to those who represent our school helps strengthen our community.


Step 2: Wear school gear to assemblies and sporting events – If possible, it would be a good idea for you to purchase school gear. Whether we are at an assembly or a football game displaying our school spirit shows that we truly are a pack and we love our school.


Step 3: Participate in cheers at assemblies – Some of you may not care for the cheers or are too shy to do them, but it is important to at least try some of these. Even if you mess up it’s more fun to try and have fun than to not try at all, and just remember- everyone else is doing the same thing!

Illustration by: Joseph Lopez
Do you know the words to our Timberline fight song?

Step 4: Try to learn our fight song – We have a fight song for a reason, it is here for you to sing it! It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing or don’t quite remember all the words, you should still try your best. Our fight song shows the world our Timberline pride and I bet it is a song you’ll always remember.


Step 5: Participate in spirit week – Unfortunately, spirit week doesn’t happen very often, but when it does you should always do your best to participate. This is a very simple way to show some school spirit if we all remember to dress up together.


     Showing school pride isn’t hard to do and takes very little effort. Here at Timberline it is important to create a close-knit community and display our school pride, so don’t be afraid to try something new! Making a positive change in our community starts with you, go Wolfpack!