The Timberline Paw Print: the Staff’s Year in Review


Photo by: Photo by: Stephanie Jones

The staff of the Timberline Paw Print!

By: Annabel Lawrence, Staff Reporter/Sports/Investigative

Hello Timberline!

It is with both sadness and joy that the 2021-2022 Timberline Paw Print News Staff has to say goodbye to an amazing year full of journalistic fun. We want to thank all of you for coming along the ride that was beginning a digital newspaper, and supporting us each step of the way. Although our class was small, we were fortunate enough to have truly become a family this past year as we were bonded by the excitement of journalism and news. Of course, most of us will be back next year to continue writing (as well as new staff!), but for now, let’s take a look back on the staff’s favorite stories that were brought to the site this year.


Ms. Jones – Advisor 

“I have two favorite pieces from this year’s staff. I have a both light and fun piece, and then a hard hitting piece that was really informative. My favorite, most fun piece was the “10 Things the Newspaper Staff Can’t Live Without”. My favorite hard hitting piece would have to be the latest one, “Roe v. Wade: What Does it all mean?” because I learned a lot.” 


Zoey Jares – Staff Writer

“I want to say my favorite was the story about the detention guy, Mr. Haines. I really liked that one, because, who doesn’t like Mr. Haines, you know? He’s amazing. And the fact that he was so excited about and everyone read it because it’s just so relevant. Who doesn’t want to hear about him? So yeah, I think that one was probably my favorite.”


Jojo Lopez – Staff Artist 

“I don’t know. My Fun Stuff section was pretty cool to work on, and I really liked Ally’s piece about Covid at the beginning of the year.”


Ally Metzler – Staff Writer/Social Media Manager 

“My favorite story I wrote this year was “Beautiful Boise: The Old Idaho Penitentiary” because it allowed me to visit a beautiful Boise attraction and take even more beautiful pictures of the scenery it displayed. My favorite story someone else on the staff wrote was “Afghanistan : How did we get here?” written by Claire Ivers. I think this piece covers many important details about what’s going on in Afghanistan.”


Claire Ivers – Staff Writer


Annabel Lawrence – Staff Writer