The Season of Giving: From Timberline to the World


Photo by: Annabel Lawrence

No matter the season, the infamous Big Ben Clock Tower looms large over London.

By: Annabel Lawrence, Editor in-Chief

Happy holidays Wolves! We here at the Timberline Paw Print are so excited for the upcoming winter break and all that comes along with it. Although it may be a tough finals week, it will all be worth it when we are able to rest and recharge ahead of 2023! It’s been a lovely first semester here at the Paw Print, and of course we are excited to see what the new year brings. We hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season surrounded by family and friends. It truly is such a wonderful time of year, but this season of giving was truly exemplified to me when I traveled overseas, where I was able to gain a new perspective on what the holiday season really means. 

Over the Thanksgiving break, I had the incredible opportunity of traveling to London, England, for a family vacation. It was a lovely trip, steeped in history and discovery of new cultures. Coming from our small-ish city of Boise, it was incredible to experience a place of such magnitude. Although London is a massive city, with a population of about 9.5 million people (2022), there is a common thread of warmth that runs through the streets. No matter where you are, whether walking through the heart of tourist attractions or strolling through a quaint neighborhood, there is always a stranger offering a smile. The spirit of the holiday season was especially illustrated on our second night in the city, when my mom and I were walking back to our rental after doing a bit of shopping. Suddenly, hordes of people began crowding the street, and we soon figured out that everyone was gathering to watch the holiday firework show after the Christmas lights of King’s Road were lit. 

Thousands of people crowded the famous shopping street, many holding up phones to record the event. The lights were brilliant, and the fireworks were electric, but what stood out to me was the sense of community woven into the event. Although it was just a random Saturday in November, so many of us were gathered together, all energized by the excitement of the holiday season. As mentioned, London is huge, and represents a melting pot of many different cultures, who all have different holidays to celebrate this time of year. Still, these differences did not matter, and this simple display of human joy truly personified what this season is all about. 

The truth is, you don’t have to travel 5,000 miles to experience the cheer of the holidays. This sense of joy and community can be found right here in the halls of Timberline, but it starts with you. This holiday season, we hope that everyone participates in even the smallest act of kindness, so that we can all lift each other up.

 Happy holidays Wolves, we can’t wait to see you in the new year!