Timberline’s Musicians Take Awards at the 2023 State Solo Competition


Timberline’s band students at the State Solo competition (left to right: Steven White, Aidan Koch, Katherine Garman, Matias Vidal-Russel and Eddie Hu)

By: Jisong Ryu, Writer

This past Saturday on May 6th, 21 Timberline students competed in the Idaho Music Educators’ Association State Solo Competition at the College of Idaho. These musicians were able to compete after qualifying 1st or 2nd in District III or being chosen as an alternate. Out of the 17 solo or ensemble entries, 13 received a medal, with eight of those winning gold, becoming a state champion. Overall, Timberline received the most medals out of all schools in Idaho at the State Solo competition! Congratulations to all orchestra and band competitors! 

Timberline’s band students at the State Solo competition
(left to right: Eddie Hu, Aidan Koch, Minnie Aagard, Kaitlin Moses, and Jieming Mei)

Hayoon Lee: 1st place (State Champion!) violin, junior

Ani Rice: 1st place (State Champion!) flute, senior 

Steven White: 1st place (State Champion!) trumpet

Matias Vidal-Russell: 1st place (State Champion!) trombone, sophomore (also won as a freshman)

Aidan Koch: 1st place (State Champion!) French horn, sophomore

Katherine Garman: 2nd place tuba, senior

Nathan Li: 2nd place clarinet, junior

Rebecca Ririe: 2nd place tenor saxophone, sophomore

Minnie Aagard: 3rd place tenor saxophone, senior

Cole Sutherland: 3rd place cello, junior


Timberline String Quartet: 1st place (State Champions!)

Hayoon Lee: violin, junior

Garrett Eppich: violin, junior

Jack Buehler: viola, senior

Kellan Carillo: cello, junior


Timberline String Quintet: 1st place (State Champions!) 

Yekeong Lee: violin, sophomore

Joseph Thompson: violin, senior

Elena Li: viola, junior

Mason Plum: cello, sophomore

Quinn Hoene: bass, sophomore


Timberline Brass Quintet: 1st Place (State Champions!) 

Katherine Garman: tuba, senior

Eddie Hu: trumpet, senior

Steven White: trumpet, sophomore

Matias Vidal-Russell: trombone, sophomore

Aidan Koch: French horn, sophomore